Temperature only, temperature & humidity chambers, fast change temperature chambers
Size from 100L, 225L, 500L, 800L, 1000L to 1500L
Temperature :-20℃ / -40℃ / -70℃ / -86℃ to +150℃ ( +180℃ )
Humidity: 20% to 98% RH ( 10% to 98% RH)
Standard and custom

Small, portable, benchtop design environmental chambers; Temperature only, temperature & humidity benchtop test chambers
Volume available 50L and 80L ;
Temperature :-20℃ / -40℃ / -70℃ / to +150℃ ( +180℃ )
Humidity: 20% to 98% RH ( 10% to 98% RH)
Test, calibration and storage

Salt spray, cyclic corrosion, and salt spray +SO2 chambers
Size included 108, 320L, 410L, 780L, 1000L, 1600L
Standard: ASTM B117, ASTM G85, ISO9227, IEC60068-2-52 and many others
Standard and custom
Popular and good price

Weathering test chamber, weatherometer
Included rotate type, flat type
Standard: ISO4892, ASTM G155/154, ISO 105-B02/04/06, AATCC and many others
Xenon lamp, UV lamp
Standard and custom

Dust and sand test, rain chambers
Size included 800L, 1000, 1200L, 1500L, 2000L
Standard: IEC50629, IP rating, MIL-STD
Standard and custom
Popular and hot sale

Ozone test chambers
Size included 250L, 500L, 800L, 1000L, 1500L
Temperature: 0℃ to +150℃ , Humidity: 30% to 98% RH
Ozone: 1 to 1000pphm
Ozone exhaust device, safety and clean

Walk-in chambers, drive-in chambers
Integrated type and disassembling type
Design, construction, installation
Engineer on site service
3 years warranty