Our Solution

Actevis offers a unique hybrid product and service that substantially bridges the gap between technology and lawyers, a gap that places many litigators today in a difficult ethical situation.

The reality is that today’s eDiscovery solutions are manageable by only the 4% of lawyers who have a science, technology or math background AND who enjoy technical challenges AND who handle ESI (electronically stored information) frequently enough to maintain their technology skills.

And the stricter federal court standards for eDiscovery are now flowing into the state courts.  The evolving standard is evident in the  California State Bar Standing Committee on Professional Responsibility & Conduct Proposed (630) 764-3926 that addresses the ethical duty of eDiscovery competence. This states in part:

An attorney lacking the required competence for the e-discovery issues in the case at issue has three options: (1) acquire sufficient learning and skill before performance is required; (2) associate with or consult technical consultants or competent counsel; or (3) decline the client representation.

Actevis will soon be offering a preview of its product and service offering that ensures you can meet your ethical duty, and fits well within your budget. Please contact our sales department to learn more about qualifying for the preview program.

Your confidential data is well protected: the Actevis application and SaaS cloud service are built on the Microsoft .NET Framework, providing for a highly reliable and secure software solution.