​Welcome! My name is Jeffrey Rausch and I’ve created this website to help potential employers learn a little about me. Thank you for coming. I invite you to take a moment and look around to get a sense of my skills and capabilities, and to learn about my background and expertise. To learn more about  how we can potentially work together, simply 209-370-6886.

I am a proven leader with strong executive leadership talents and business intelligence acumen, able to synthesize large amounts of data into useful information for $12.5M private company. My business approach is characterized by creative application of technology, data analysis, and presentation skills designed to motivate people and produce results.

I seek an executive leadership position in which I can leverage my 25 years of experience and exceptional skills in leadership and business intelligence to effect positive change for a company and its people. I thrive in environments in which I can foster collaboration in a large variety of diverse stakeholder groups. I’m looking for an internal operations position with a strong emphasis on business intelligence and data analytics to help my employer make critical business decisions and set strategy based on business, operational, and customer data.