Aurora Australis Notifications – Terms of Service

Aurora Australis Notifications Terms of Service By using this app you agree that we only store statistics regarding hits and no personally identifiable information. Data used in this service is publicly available via the NASA Ace spacecraft site. If you do not agree with the above, please do not use this service.   Can I receive notifications for free? Google Assistant via Google Home Hourly updates via Telegram (push notifications) Flash Briefings for Alexa

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Aurora Australis Notifications – Privacy Policy

Aurora Australis Notifications Privacy Policy What information do we collect? We do not collect information in this app. Any information Facebook sends is not stored in any way. What do we use the information use for? No information is stored therefore it is not used. We do collect hits (number of times a call is made) but this has no personal information. How do we protect your information Information is not personally identifiable – that means even if someone compromised

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Aurora Flash Briefing for Alexa

Flash Briefing Terms of Use The flash briefing retrieves data from the NASA Ace Spacecraft, data that is publicly available, once per day. This data is then translated into an RSS feed that pulls a brief summary into the Alexa Flash Briefing skill. No data is collected, other than number of hits. If you do not agree with the above, please do not use this service.   How do I use this service? Follow these steps Get an Amazon Echo

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My new Alexa Skill – My Toolbox

My Toolbox is my second Alexa app, that I’ve created for the life hacks competition. Essentially it allows you to: Create a virtual list of tools (e.g. add a ladder to my toolbox) Allow you to search for your tools (e.g. do I have a ladder?) Allow you to remove tools Allow you to share a code with friends so you can search for each other’s tools (e.g. do any of my friends have a ladder?)   Thanks for

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Terms of use for my Alexa Skill – My Toolbox

Alexa Terms of Use By using this skill you agree that we will store a non-identifiable access token that links to your Amazon account, and that we use that information to store your answers and points awarded. We also collect any first name you use to play the game. If you wish to remove all your information, just ask the skill to delete all your information or contact me. This PERMANENTLY deletes it. If you do not agree with the

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Privacy Policy for my Alexa Skill – My Toolbox

Amazon Alexa Privacy Policy What information does the skill collect? We collect your Amazon ID so that we know when you visit the skill again. This is not your email or any personal ID. It is a unique ID that Amazon generates and can’t be used to identify you in any way. The ID looks like this: amzn1.ask.account.AHAS… and another 200+ random characters We also collect names when you tell us a name. It doesn’t have to be a real

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Astrophotography – the difference a color cooled camera makes

Tonight I’m shooting images of NGC4038, and NGC4039, two interacting galaxies. Here is an example taken with a ZWO-1600 cooled camera with the cooling off and on.  Both images are 300 second exposures consecutively taken, with the one on the left when the camera was at 11.7 deg C, and the one on the right, cooled to -16 deg C. Proof that cooling makes a huge difference.


Aurora Information on Telegram

I spent a couple of nights building a chat bot on the Telegram platform to solve a few problems: I want to know each day what the highest KP value is for the next 3 days by receiving a push notification. KP is the measure of how strong the solar winds are expected to be. See this amazing site – Aurora Service for more information. Essentially I’m looking for Aurora KP values of 6 and above because I live in

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Google Home – Useful commands

My personal preference is to use “Hey Google”, but you can also use “”Ok Google”   Personalisation “Hey Google, what’s my name” “Hey Google, when’s my birthday” Sound / Volume “Hey Google, turn it up” “Hey Google, volume 50%” “Hey Google, volume 100%” “Hey Google, turn it down” Music “Hey Google, play some dinner music” “Hey Google, skip this song” “Hey Google, play music from Queen” “Hey Google, play some romantic music” “Hey Google, stop playing music” Calendar “Hey Google, add

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