Nesty’s Exam – Steth & EKG Part1

Nesty arrives at the Doctor’s office to realize an exam. First Nurse Betty checks her BP then Dr. Nicky listens to her lung and heart functions with a steth in a sitting position with her bra on. Then she takes off her bra and the Dr. continues the exam. After that Nesty lays down on her back and Dr.Nicky continues the steth exam in a prone position. When they are finished, the doctor performs an abdominal exam on the patient. Poor Nesty is ticklish… Finally the medical team prepares an EKG exam… They put the elecrodes onto her chest and let her rest. They complete the exam with an injection stress test. They prep a cannula into the patient’s arm and the medication is ready for injection. When it is in, Nesty’s heart rate goes up and she starts to breathe heavily. Pretty young and blond newcomer Nesty in her very first OPandER film! A "must see" for exam fans! To be continued…

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Doctor Payne Gives Nurse Scarlet an Electrical Shock Therapy Treatment

Watch as Dr M Payne gives his loverly Nurse Scarlet a electric paddling. In this this video clip Nurse Scarlet begs for her end of the day treatment from Dr Payne. He has her remove for nurse dress and bend over the clinics exam table so that he can administer an electric paddling. You will watch as blue sparks jump off of here ass as the paddle makes it painful connect to her cute little butt. Next the cruel doctor gives her a very thorough electrical treatment with a violet wand. In this scene you will see the blue lighting bolts jumping from the glass bulb as they enter her legs, breasts and vagina. This little pain slut is a joy to watch as is is subjected to these very visually stimulating treatment.


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See Scarlet undress, piece by piece in the Exam Room and expose herself for examination. Her temperature is taken orally, vaginally, and rectally. The speculum is inserted, she is given a digital rectal exam, and the doctor was even thinking about inserting the anoscope! This is a unique video in that it is a compilation of photographs with narration from a text-to-speech program. There are also two video clips – with Scarlet holding the anoscope and saying, "There’s no way that is going in my ass!" There’s also a few pictures of Scarlet in a cage! The narration is great and sure to get you off! If the response to this video is good, similar ones will be created.

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Doctor Schmutz fucks patient OLGA

Doctor Schmutz fucks patient OLGA

The doctor cant believe his eyes: even his own aunt seems to be such a horny whore, that she tries to seduce him in his surgery in her military uniform. As always he has a special therapy for unsatisfied women and aunt Olga yells like a bitch in heat…

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