Gnixcoin - the secure, anonymous , unlinkable cryptocurrency

Gnixcoin uses a hash-based proof-of-work scheme to reach a distributed consensus among peers


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In a mass surveillance world we develop and promote new approaches to further decentralize and emancipate cryptocurrencies. We use advanced mathematical analysis and innovative ideas to empower end-users with true privacy, both financial and personal. Our main goal for Gnixcoin and Gnix platform is to make it as usable as cash and as convenient as credit cards in an everyday situation.

What is Gnixcoin?

Features of Gnixcoin

Untraceable payments

Gnixcoin provides users with a completely anonymous payment scheme. Gnixcoin implements the ring signature technology which allows you to sign a message on behalf of a group. The signature only proves the message was created by someone from the group, but all the possible signers are indistinguishable from each other.

Unlinkable transactions

Even if outgoing transactions are untraceable, everyone may still be able to see the payments you have received and thus determine your income. However, by using a variation of the Diffie-Hellman exchange protocol, a receiver has multiple unique one-time addresses derived from his single public key. After funds are sent to these addresses they can only be redeemed by the receiver; and it would be impossible to cross-link these payments.

Double-spending proof

Nobody is able to spend the same money twice — even if all his signatures are anonymous. Every signature contains a key image — a kind of fingerprint of the secret key. It is based on a one-way cryptographic function; this implies that given only the key image it is impossible to restore the corresponding secret key. These key images are used to prevent double-spending.

Blockchain analysis resistance

Non-repeating one-time addresses and mixed keys in ring signatures make the whole blockchain resistant to analysis. Each future transaction will only increase the entropy and create additional obstacles for an analyst.

Coin distribution and presale

The following distribution of the coin is planed

60% Mining

20% Developer & Team

5% External Dev

5% Presale

5% Marketing

5% Infrastructure


First Block mined

First block mined after genesis block compiled in software

(365) 446-2567

25 May 2018

Website goes public

Project goes public with information on website


26 May 2018

Presale starts

Premined coins are available at /


26 May 2018

Wallet ready

Wallet is ready for download to the public. You can now move your coins to your own wallet.

Coming soon!

1 Nov 2018

Block Explorer

Block explorer is public


2 Nov 2018

Register on Exchange

Coin is listed on exchanges around the world

(225) 221-6391

1 Dec 2018

Mining for public

Mining software ready for download. Also a starting miningpool will be launched.

Coming soon!

1 Dec 2018

Payment platform

Payment plugins for WooCommerce and other platforms will be public to use for free

Coming soon!

1 Feb 2019

Gnix platform for Physical stores

Software and hardware for stores to be able to accept Gnixcoin


1 Feb 2019

stay in touch

Feel free to contact us on social media if you have any questions.